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We also publish Health Related articles to make you smarter and Healthier. Articles range from ,mild illnesses that can be tackled at home to serious emergencies that require hospitalization. We focus on things that you can do while waiting for an ambulance. We also do Health education to keep your mental and physical wellbeing at Good quality standard.

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We make sure that at least once a week you learn something new by posting health related article each week. Remember you are your body, if your body is not healthy, you’re not healthy. There’s a combination of symptoms description and Medical Grade explanation of Common Medical Conditions.

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  • Teratogen
    Teratogen is any drug or medicine that negatively affect an unborn child if taken by or administered to the pregnant mother. The damage can either be structural, that is affect the child in such a way that they are born with visible abnormalities, or it can be functional, affecting how the child behaves or movesContinue reading “Teratogen”
  • Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
    Diabetes Mellitus treatment involves a complex approach which include the correct diagnosis, classification of the Type of diabetes and approaching it correctly. There are 3 main types of Diabetes Mellitus which are listed Here. There are two main ways in which diabetes Mellitus is managed: Non Pharmacological Treatment The non-pharmacological treatment of diabetes involves lifestyleContinue reading “Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus”
  • Causes of Diabetes Mellitus.
    Diabetes Mellitus has many different causes and risk factors depending on the type of Diabetes. Some people are at more risk than others:
  • What is diabetes Mellitus?
    Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by the body’s inability to utilise the glucose in order to generate energy and perform normal body functions. This can be due to either insufficient insulin or poor quality of insulin produced by the body, also known as insulin resistance. There are 3 Main types ofContinue reading “What is diabetes Mellitus?”
  • How Human Brain Works?
    The human brain is a small organ that does wonderful things for us, the weight of the brain is only 1.5Kg (3,3Lb). It is designed to keep the human being alive and able to adapt to changing daily situations of our lives. The anatomy of the brain is structured in a way that helps usContinue reading “How Human Brain Works?”