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What is Obesity?

Obesity is basically defined as having BMI of 30 and above. It is one of the few “medical conditions” that are difficult to deal with, both clinically and Mentally. To some, saying “you’re Obese” is Body Shaming, and that alone means it’s going to be difficult to recommend weight loss to that person.

Let’s Start By explaining BMI : it is the weight in Kilograms (KG) divide by Height per Meter squared (m²). Remember to convert centimeters to meters, divide the value by 100.

BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates how healthy a Person is. The Higher the BMI the more unhealthy a person is. Normal BMI is 18.5 to 25kg/m². Between 25 and 30 is Overweight. Above 30 is Obesity. When BMI is more than 40 Kg/m², it is Morbid Obesity and very DANGEROUS!

There are many dangers associated with Obesity, which is why you need to take action as soon as you realize your weight is unhealthy.

If you want to know your BMI use Our BMI Calculator.

Classification of BMI

The following classification of BMI is mainly for adults, it is highly accurate although it may be affected by muscle bulk in people who are body builders.

Classification of BMI
BMI classification

Is it body shaming to say someone is fat? YES when a Person who is not a Health Care Professional tells you that you’re Fat without any measurements done. Only a health care professional can tell you that you’re Overweight or a person that is helping e.g. Personal Weight Loss coach, Dietician, Physician etc. They can do that after taking proper measurements.

2 Types of Obesity

  1. Central obesity
  2. Peripheral Obesity

CENTRAL Obesity: is the more Dangerous one. It’s characterized by fat that is mostly on the belly with thin legs and arms.

Most of the fat in central obesity is located inside the abdomen and chest. It causes many complications such as sleep apnea, GERD among other conditions and significantly increases the risk of Heart Diseases. Read detailed explanation of Complications of Obesity.

Peripheral Obesity : is less Dangerous, here fat is distributed equally on the body. In females they usually have bigger hips and buttocks.

Another important fact about obesity is that the fat is stored inside the adipose cells, which is why you cannot just open the abdomen and remove fat, it would just come off with fat cells.

Dangers Of Obesity

If you have BMI of more than 30, it is almost Guaranteed that you have, or will have, one or more of the following:

The list above is not complete. If you’re interested in how each of the mentioned conditions is linked to Obesity, comment with Questions below.

Obesity is a treatable medical Condition that needs weight Loss and Proper Diet. But no one has a right to tell others that they are too fat. Everyone should know dangers of being Overweight and take decision based on that if they want to reduce weight.

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