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13 Benefits OF Running

There are many different kinds of running done by different people for different reasons. The common thing about all of them is the long list of Health benefits of running.

Basically any movement that is faster than a walking pace for an individual falls under running. There is Brisk walking, race walking ,jogging, and sprinting. Then there are social runners who run for health benefits. Above that are Professional runners who run to make a living.

Before going to the list, I should tell you that you need to do each exercise repeatedly to add more and more benefits.

The type of run with the most benefits is Long distance Running, which I’ll focus on in this article.

General Benefits

During running there are immediate changes that occur while running and changes that occur after the run, for as long as 5 days after along run (eg 10km and above). An important benefit about running is that you don’t need to be Rich or spend lot of money. Just wear your comfortable shoes and start running. No need for those expensive running shoes if you’re a Beginner.

As time goes you may see a need to buy watch that will track your distance and fitness level.

Running smart watch
Running smart watch

Immediate changes include increase in heart rate, which is helpful in making the heart more efficient in pumping blood when you are resting(similar to weight lifting for other muscles). Your heart gets stronger when you run. When you sweat you lose a lot of sodium which is essential in reducing blood pressure.

Late changes that happen after running increase with time spent on the road or Trend mill. I have to say it though, outdoor running is the best. It is more natural and gives a psychological boost.

Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running
Benefits of Running
  1. Weight Loss
  2. Boost immune system
  3. Reduce blood pressure
  4. Boost Heart strength and health
  5. Increase cardiorespiratory function(known as VO2 Max)
  6. Increase Endurance
  7. Boost sexual desire and performance
  8. Helps with Depression and enxiety
  9. Keep muscles healthy and fit
  10. Make bones stronger (high impact sport)
  11. Lift the mood
  12. Prevent Stroke
  13. Helps control Diabetes Mellitus

The best benefit of all is when you’re a runner( social or professional), you can eat junk food (unhealthy food) with no worries as long as you know you’ll burn all the calories you put by running.

Conclusion: If you’re not running, start running and with time you’ll feel happy. If you’re already running, don’t stop or over do as that leads to injuries. The body will tell you the right pace to run at.

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