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3 Effective Diet Tips For Weight Loss!

Weight loss is a very important but difficult journey that requires a solid plan and sticking to the plan. There are many diet tips that exist, many of them do not work so well.

More than 1.9 billion adults in the world are overweight or have Obesity. This is a very big number that keeps growing each year, and there are so many Dangers of Obesity or being overweight.

Before going straight to the tips, it’s important to also understand different food categories and some terms that will be used in this article.

  • Proteins: They are important for their different amino acids which have numerous functions including body tissue repair and good brain functioning. They are found in eggs, Lean meat, Chicken, Legumes, Peas, Milk, Diary Products.
  • Complex Carbohydrates: these are foods that are made of sugar molecules with long complex chains. They are good because the body takes a long time to process them and thus keeps your stomach full for longer. They also have numerous Vitamins and Minerals. They are found in all fresh fruit and vegetables, including white Rice, Pasta and whole wheat.
  • Simple Carbohydrates: also called refined carbohydrates or sugars, they are bad for health in that they have no nutritional value in them. These are foods like white bread, wheat floor, table sugar (sucrose) and any food that have high sugar content like cakes and Soda drinks (eg Pepsi or Coca-cola drinks).
Comparison of simple carbohydrates vs complex carbohydrates
Remember simple carbohydrates are bad

A bad diet has major impact on weight loss and on the Brain’s ability to function properly. It has negative impact on concentration, memory and Thinking clearly.

Diet Tips For Weight Loss

1.Importance of Breakfast

Example of weight loss diet tip
An ideal breakfast

Breakfast is a very important part on the journey to Lose weight. It is literally “breaking the fast” after a long night of not eating for many hours. It is very important to break the fast and give the body and brain necessary fuel for the day. If you don’t eat breakfast, you end up overeating at lunch and dinner time which reverses all your effort to lose weight. Also, there’s a tendency to crave foods that are bad for weight loss like refined Carbohydrates and sweets/chocolate.

A good breakfast for weight loss should contain More Proteins than carbohydrates. this is because proteins last longer in the body than carbohydrates and therefore will give you enough energy to do daily activities until its lunch time. An example here can include an egg (protein) with Whole grain toast (complex carbohydrates) and fruit juice. Coffee or tea is wrong because it contains lot of refined carbohydrates which are not helpful in weight loss unless you add Honey or a small amount of sugar.

The best way to Lose weight is to eat in moderation, and avoid overeating.

2. An ideal Lunch

A good healthy lunch is also important when losing weight. That is because you need fuel during the day to boost you and keep you energized until evening. Here again Avoid Eating too much refined carbohydrates like Fizzy drinks/Burgers and Pizza. [Check above for good sources of protein and choose your meals from there.]

The best Lunch for losing weight should contain More Protein than Carbohydrates and it Should be Complex Carbohydrates. Eating Too much refined carbs Promotes Insulin resistance and weight gain which lead to Diabetes Mellitus. They also cause Drowsiness and feeling sleepy after consumption, that is why Most people feel sleepy after lunch.

Home cooked meals are always better than food bought at fast food restaurants. This is because of the amount of salt and preservatives they put in their food so it can last longer.

3. The Dinner

High complex carbohydrates and low protein dinner
An ideal dinner

An effective way to lose weight is to eat dinner 2 hours before going to bed. This is because food is like fuel for a car, you don’t need fuel to park your car. So eating and then going to bed is a recipe for disaster. You’ll gain more weight instead of losing it.

Dinner is different in that you should eat more Complex Carbohydrates than protein, this is because Protein is hard to digest and it usually makes sleeping difficult if consumed in large amounts before bedtime. It is okay if you avoid dinner altogether or take a few fruits and Light low fat yogurt.

All of the above tips should be balanced with a list of things like:

  • Drink more water than sugary drinks/coffee. Anything that’s sweet but not organic is generally not healthy (except honey).
  • Reduce or stop alcohol consumption as it is associated with Belly fat called Central Obesity
  • Avoid snacking at night: Learn to stop the habit of opening the fridge for no reason.
  • Exercise more: spend at least 30 minutes per day at least 3 times a week. It can be walking, Running or other cardio-activities.

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