How To Stop Bleeding

Bleeding laceration

Everyone should be able to stop bleeding if they get injured while still waiting for help. Bleeding is stopped in different ways in different parts of the body, for example, stopping bleeding in the arm cannot be the same as in the Nosebleed. Before we go any further we will first explain how the body naturally stops bleeding and mention ways you can help the body stop bleeding.

Human body is very intelligent even without the input of a “conscious mind”. When the body detects that there is a bleeding or blood does not flow smooth inside the blood vessels (turbulent flow), which occurs in the case of a cut anywhere in the body, it tries to create a clot which will plug the bleeding to prevent further blood loss. This is achieved through a combination of blood cells called platelets and proteins called clotting factors. The blood clot stays in place until the blood vessel that was injured is repaired, then the clot will dissolve. That how the body stops mild bleeding.

In the case of large bleeding such as in big cuts or when the big blood vessel is cut, the body does not have enough time to form clots, that is where you are needed to assist in the following ways.

1.Stop Bleeding from Minor Cut or Laceration

If the cut has no foreign object, the first step is to apply firm pressure on the bleeding area. First place a clean clot on top of the bleeding area and Apply Pressure until bleeding stops. It may take 2-5 minutes and up to 10 minutes if the cut is large or deep.

apply Pressure

When bleeding stops make sure you wash the area around the wound with clean water and soap, including the wound itself. Keep it away from dirt and cover the fresh wound with clean cloth. If the laceration is wide, you need to go to the hospital or emergency room so that it can be sutured to promote fast healing with no scar. Do Not remove any blood clot as that will cause the bleeding to start again.

Bandage Application

If the bleeding does not stop, keep the clean cloth in place and apply bandage on top to hold it in place. make sure the bandage is applying the pressure you applied using hands. Then go to the Health facility for More treatment (suturing).

Do not apply pressure on top of a foreign object. Make sure that you remove it first, then you can apply pressure. If the object is too deep, do not remove it, doing so may cause further damage and worsen the problem. Go to the nearest hospital or emergency department for Professional treatment.

2. Severe bleeding or large cut

How to apply Tourniquet
Tourniquet Application

In the case of large injuries that involve big blood vessels, applying pressure may not work, in this case the short term solution until ambulance arrives is tying the arm or limb very tight above the injured area. This is a temporary measure to prevent significant blood loss. You can use any cloth as a Tourniquet to tie the limb. Make sure that you remove the Tourniquet every 15minuutes to allow blood flow to the distal part of the limb. Also make sure that you loosen the tourniquet whenever you feel numbness or fingers turn bluish.

3. Other bleeding sites

Nose Bleeding: Apply pressure to the nose for at least 10 minutes and put Ice pack on the forehead. Make sure that you lean forward. Do not swallow the blood as that may cause vomiting and cause further worry

Internal bleeding: it needs urgent ultrasound scan, CT scan and Urgent treatment by Doctors or surgeons. Signs of internal bleeding include bruise on the abdomen with severe pains. Feeling dizzy after an injury and any loss of consciousness following head injury. You should go to the hospital following hard blow to the abdomen or chest and back, internal organ injury like spleen Rupture may not be felt initially but may be fatal.


  1. Do not apply hard pressure to the eyes
  2. Always remember to have first aid kit when traveling with a car or when going for an adventure like hiking and camping as injuries are common.
  3. Never apply soil or dirt to stop bleeding. It caries serious infections like Tetanus among others.
  4. Always go to the hospital early if you have any Bleeding disorder, on Blood thinners or have High Blood Pressure and heart diseases.
  5. Certain things like alcohol impairs clotting process and cause severe or prolonged bleeding

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