7 Causes of Diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes Mellitus has many different causes and risk factors depending on the type of Diabetes. Some people are at more risk than others:

  • Obesity: Being overweight or Obese combined with poor eating habits leads to more young people being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Hypertension: when combined with Obesity and diabetes a person is said to have Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome
  • Genetic Risk: Type 2 diabetes is usually passed from one generation to the next in genetically susceptible individuals
  • Infections: Certain childhood infections like Rotavirus, Mumps and Cytomegalovirus infections are associated with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Smoking and alcohol: they negatively affect the quality and quantity of insulin production
  • Pregnancy: some people develop Diabetes soon after they get pregnant in what is termed Pregnancy induced Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Stress: an increase in cortisol levels due to chronic Social stress causes insulin resistance and later Diabetes

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