Dementia and Delirium: Differences

Dementia and Delirium are two completely different medical conditions that affect cognitive function of the brain. Many people tend to confuse them because they share some similar symptoms and signs.

Here are the main differences between the two:

Dementia: is a slow progressing decline in brain function that affect thinking, language, memory and behavior. It takes years to progress and is usually irreversible.

Delirium: is an acute confusion that happens because a person is sick with something else. It develops within few hours to few days or a week. It is also common in elderly people, but it resolves once the condition that induced it is treated.

Differences Between Delirium and Dementia

Below is a table that list the main differences

Sudden onsetSlow and gradual over years
Resolve after few days/weeksPermanent
Has a curable causeIncurable brain Disorder
Memory is not always affectedMemory is Lost
Slow confused speechDifficulty finding right the word
Differences comparison

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