Tumor Definition and Types

A Tumor is an abnormal tissue growth anywhere in the body.

It can either be benign or malignant.

A Benign tumor is only localized in one place, it is not cancerous and does not spread to other places.

Some benign tumors actively produce hormones while others are just a mass of tissue that only occupy space.

Malignant tumor on the other hand is a tumor caused by cancer. It starts in one place and spread to other areas if not treated.

The process of spreading to other sites is called Metastasis.

Malignant tumors are more serious than benign tumors.

Examples of Benign Tumors

As mentioned, Benign tumors do not cause cancer, only in rare cases they transform into malignant tumors.

Examples of benign tumors are:

Treatment of Tumor

Treatment of any tumor depends on the cause and location.

Treatment for benign tumors is simple removal surgically or with Laser therapy.

Sometimes radiation or chemotherapy may be used if the tumor is in deep, delicate structures where surgical intervention would be difficult.

Malignant tumors are treated by many specialists with involvement of oncologist(cancer specialist).

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